How to write a DJ bio

Learn how to write a DJ bio

You want to get more DJ gigs, but how do you reach out to promoters? Follow our handy guide on how to write your first DJ bio.

What is a DJ biography?

A DJ biography is simply a piece of text that introduces you as an artist, your background, your style of music, your accolades, your achievements what you’re currently doing and your future plans. In essence, its purpose is to grab the attention of the reader, make you stand out as an artist and sell yourself to promoters and journalists.

How to write a DJ biography.

It’s often hard to write about yourself so firstly you should consider having someone else write the bio for you, or a few friends or industry connections, pool the collective draft biographies and then make one from the best bits. Either way you or the person writing the biography for you should read this simple guide on what content to include.

The Format

Your biography should have three different versions.

  1. Headline Grabbing – 20 words – Useful for basic introductions online where space is limited.
  2. Short Intro – 50-100 words – Extending introduction including more history and name dropping and contact details.
  3. Full Biography – 100-300 words – Full biography including all details and contact details.

Step One – Gather all the information you need in a list format.

  1. What is your musical/DJ background, when did you get into music and how?
  2. Why is music/DJing your passion?
  3. Who and what are you influences? (this doesn’t have to be all about music)
  4. What have you achieved so far? Name drop important connections, educational achievements, awards, competitions, supporters, gigs etc.
  5. What are you currently doing? Perhaps you’re refining your DJ skills or working on a new track or have a DJ residency or radio show somewhere.
  6. What are your future goals and plans?

Step Two – String your sentences together to create your first draft.

Now you have a solid source of content, work towards stringing all the list items together into proper sentences with correct grammar. Use the Grammarly app if your skills are lacking in that department. Make sure you are factual and to the point, do not add too much hyperbole or you will seem like you’re bragging, a bit desperate or at worst deluded.

Be humble and real. If you don’t have that much content yet because you’re a beginner DJ don’t worry, just keep it short and to the point, your biography will grow with time. The most powerful things that journalists look out for in biographies are your actual achievements and names which they recognise.

If you have played a big gig at a reputable venue like Ministry of Sound make sure you add that, and the name of the headliners you were supporting. You can also include any brands you have worked for or partnered with. Music producers often include a list of DJs who support (play) their tracks to add strength to their bio.