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Discam’s passion for hard house started over 10 years ago. After seeing acts like Lisa Lashes, Rob Tissera and the Tidy Boys, spinning their energetic, uplifting, fun but tough style inspired him to want to entertain as a DJ himself.

After becoming a regular DJ on the Bournemouth club circuit in 2008 he got his break to play further a field a year later at a Frantic’s HDS event at London’s Hidden nightclub and from that point on there was no looking back for this young exciting DJ who now plays all around the UK and internationally.

His experience and skill knows no bounds as has gone on to play for the scenes biggest brands such as Tidy, Storm, Xstatic, Slinky, Polysexual & B2T, appearing at key hard house calendar events over the years establishing Discam as one of the household names in the world of Hard House today.

In 2009 he hosted a monthly radio show on Slinky.fm, which he held for 2 years supporting the harder sound of the brand.

2010 saw the start of the production chapter for this budding DJ, enabling him to have an arsenal of weapons to drop in his sets and also seeing him top the digital download hard house charts on various sites which still continues to this day. His sound gets constantly supported by the likes of Rob Tissera, Lucy Fur, Adam M, Andy Farley, Ben Stevens and JP & Jukesy featuring in key sets at the biggest hard house events around the globe and on several huge albums from Tidy, Vicious Circle, Frantic, Riot & HARD!

Discam’s label Helix Recordings launched in 2012, which has been one of the most successful labels over recent years more often than not topping the charts with it’s releases including from established artists such as Ben Stevens, Technikal, Forbidden Friends, Hilly & Gary O’Conner and has supported new acts like Hard Jeli, Wayne German, Dawn Lee & Mischief Duo. His sound can be found on a long list of other labels too including Vicious Circle, Hi Oktane, Toolbox, Kung Fu Wax, Supercharged, Metamorph & Technikal Recordings.

You will be sure to hear his latest productions and up and coming tracks signed to his label in his sets, make sure you’re there to catch them ☺

As the exposure of this DJ has increased so has the bookings and dance floor rocking shows across the country. He has crafted a clinical precision, high tempo style that only gives partygoers the breakdowns to recover after each mix.

2020 has already seen Discam reach new heights with a mind-blowing Facebook Live DJ performance that won the Tidy 25 Weekender DJ competition alongside Mickey G & Mickey Bo which secured a main stage set at their 25th Anniversary Weekender, an event he had attended since 2002 as a clubber and has always dreamed of being the one DJing at peak time. Tidy have also since brought him on board to mix the new Insomnia 7 album alongside Andy Farley. December saw him being announced as having the best selling track on Frantic Digital via the Toolbox Digital Shop.

What will 2021 bring? Exciting times ahead for this experienced DJ for sure!


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