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Filthy Kitten is one of Hard House’s absolute finest new talent, and has been taking the scene by complete storm over the past 6 years, going from strength to strength with every new gig she plays.

Getting into the harder side of dance music at 14, her roots are with bounce/scouce house and the odd touch of hardcore sprinkled in. After 7 years of partying to this genre, also having a presence in the underground techno, DnB and Jungle free party scene, she was 21 before she first discovered Hard House. It was this magical discovery that set Chloe on her path to being the highly regarded Filthy Kitten that she is today. Her love of Hard House just grew and grew, leaving little room for any other music, and to quote “Has changed my life in such a fantastic way…”
…And change her life it definitely did, as at just 24, she decided it was time to take her love of hard house to the next level turning her hand to promoting. It soon became very apparent that she possessed some serious talent for promoting as in June 2013 Filth Face was born and it quickly became, without a doubt one of the best new breed hard house nights in England. The line up’s booked are always on top form and the energy she gives off is contagious meaning the atmosphere all night is second to none.

Since its launch Filth Face has gone from strength to strength. With its infectious ‘together’ atmosphere and feel to it, the brand has worked closely with UK nights such as Wanted, Devious, and Cozmik and even given the platform for new exciting brands such as K-Zone and One Big Bash to join the scene and make waves. In 2014 Chloe even gained the incredible experience of traveling to the white isles of Ibiza to work with legend that is Dave Cook of of the Ibiza Trance Family, an experience she will never forget.

With a successful few nights under her belt she decided that promoting just wasn’t enough and craved to be behind the decks herself. Learning to mix, in October 2013, it was definitely clear she had talent in this area too as it wasn’t long before she was ready to tear it up in the club herself.

The next 4 years just went from strength to strength for this Kitten and it soon wasn’t long before her name was featured on line ups all accross the country: Having played at nights such as Twist, Bounce Factory, Shine, North Hardhouse Reunion, Vamp, Hard at Sea, Evolv:e, Fuzed, Premonition, Dance for Life (Aberdeen), Reversion, Wanted, Cozmik, Devious, Erratic Tango and Dance Your Tits Off, K-Zone, Bioshock, Anomaly – even headlining at Underground UK playing an absolutely off the scale Bounce/Wigan pier classic set – it is safe to say her name was soon becoming one of the most popular female names in the scene.

It was in 2017 that Filthy Kitten really got the thrill of her career so far, when she was asked not only to play but to host an event over in Melboune Australia for Till Shut Down (Filth Face till shut down). Whilst out there she was also asked to play for Drop Bear Digitals Launch Event over in Adelaide. Being asked to showcase her DJ and promoting talents all the way down under really was a true opportunity to show the world what she was really made of and cement herself as one of the most well respected in hard house today.

Her international success continued when in 2019 she went to Unity In the Sun in Kavos, Greece where she played at Encoded, The Juicy Pool Party and the One Big Bash Pool Party. On top of this she hosted her own Filth Face Event out there.

With a vast discography her solo productions made with Random But Raw can regularly be heard featuring in mixes throughout the scene. Her first colab with RBR was – Alone (digital damage), Secondly – Papa John’s Revenge (Cheeky trax) and most recently – Like me (Toolbox) all reaching number 1 in the Toolboxdigital charts.
It’s clear that this Filthy Kitten is only just getting started, the first 6 years to date have brought some amazing musical accomplishments, so I would most definitely recommend you keep an eye out on anything she is involved in as I can guarantee you will be more than impressed every time.


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