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Resurrection resident DJ and laser-man Joliver carved his love for dance music in the nineties. A regular and probably too frequent attendee at many of London’s clubs, in particular his “second home” Camden Palace, he would often be seen hanging off a balcony shouting at peoples glowsticks.

Like many of us, it wasn’t long before Joliver’s musical tastes began to widen into harder beats. Nights like Mind Over Matter, Heat and Xtatic drove Joliver to embrace Hard House and Hard Trance. Putting on parties for as long as we can remember, he has vibrated ears with regular radio shows and dancefloors in the UK, France and Cyprus whilst also increasing his skills with lighting and lasers along the way. Fast forward and now he’s a force at Resurrection being the man behind a lot of the production.

Joliver’s Hard Dance style comes from his influences of House, Nu Disco, Trance and Old Skool Breaks. He’s always looking for rhythm and melody, you can expect a groovy and uplifting vibe, sometimes with his Trance influences coming through. We’ve been told for this 4Play we can expect a Euphoric Hard Trance orgy of beats and melodies!



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