Marc Coyne

Hard House | Hard Trance


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Stuart Moir


Marc started learning to DJ when he was 15. For a few years, it was all about happy hardcore, UK hardcore and freeform. It wasn’t until 2005 he went to his first hard house event, practised mixing that and has loved it ever since.

Marc has 3 tracks released which were produced with Matt Wade and Pez. Two of them (Rush Me & Exhalation) are signed to Hotbox Digital with the 3rd (Switch the Flip) on Drop Bear Digital.

He has been a part of Global Hard House for approximately 3 years. When he first joined he was part of the digital elements team and they wanted to use the platform to stream their shows. A few months later I was part of the Global Hard House Team and haven’t looked back 😃

He has played for various events such as Ravey Dayz at 414 Brixton. Matt Rush and T’s Birthday Bash. Top-Notch at The Tunnel Club Birmingham, and Nokturnal at Poco Loco in Chatham


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