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The Cantina Band is the coming together of best friends Jack Butler and Jay Ainsworth, born off the back of Jack’s label Cantina Records which launched in 2020.
Established Hardhouse/Bounce DJ Jack Butler made a name for himself during the back end of the golden years in hard house, he has played for some of the biggest and best brands in the industry at some of the UK’s most amazing venues, representing Frantic, Polysexual, Storm, B2T, Blessed, Xstatic & BLUE to name a few, and held former residencies with the likes of Bounceology, BLUE & B2T.
Jack recently embarked on his solo productions which has helped him perfect his craft even further and has been lauded over the years for his ability to play “HIS” individual style. Jack has worked with some of the biggest artists in hard dance and has collaborated over 75 tracks to his name with the likes of Jon BW, Digital Mafia, Kye Shand & Riggsy to name a few securing several releases on Cheeky Tracks, IDEAL & Shock Records again showcasing his unique sound to the nation.
Jay has really begun to rise as a potential star in hard dance due to his unique flavour and powerful productions, some of which are already featured on Cantina Records, to date jay has put together some phenomenal collaborations with the likes of Frank Farrell, Jon BW, Dave Owens & Amp Attack to name but a few and already has the backing of experienced industry professionals.
The Cantina Band’s mission is to become a mainstay and feature regularly on event lineup’s across the UK and Europe, they certainly have what it takes, whilst primarily Hardhouse & Bounce DJ’s they are 100% diverse in every aspect whether it be a funky warm up set, a peak time or even a closing set where they can really push the BPM.
These guys both have more music on the way and Cantina Records continues to go from strength to strength featuring arguably the widest array of hard house and hard dance around right now and has gained support from the likes of Lisa Pinup, Jon Hemming, Digital Mafia, General Bounce & Amber D.
Who knows what the future holds for this dynamic duo but they deserve the attention they desire and continue to grow into very reputable artists whilst remaining humble and appreciating every opportunity to showcase their talent.


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