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Hard House | Techno



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The Kat is out the bag and ready to play.

Making her debut set out in 2007, The Kat’s musical performances have evolved just as much as she has. She has experimented with Breakbeat, Electro, Funky House, Psytrance and techno but it was in 2016 that she dived in fully to the love that had always been there but never explored – Hard House and she entered the journey that would see her rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Since discovering this amazing mixing genre that had been missing her whole life she has achieved an enormous amount and is still going from strength to strength. Starting her The Kat Presents page she caught the scenes eye with her epic live-streamed house parties and when she felt like she knew the genre inside and out she decided to turn the limelight on herself.

Using the way the art of performing with music has evolved to her advantage, her captivating live shows really gave her the chance to show everyone what she is made of. Energetically joyful performances drew the viewers in and brought them smack bang into the middle of her happy bubble with mixing and music. Learning the art of working under pressure with her ropey Numark 200 decks as her tools, her love for performing to the full holding up signs and chatting to all the viewers all at the same time as beat matching and mixing really made her a powerful force.

Her first time to showcase this new persona was by being given a residency at a multi-genre day party called SPLAT. This gave her the opportunity to keep experimenting with a crowd on a regular basis and kept her growing and growing as a DJ. It was then when she was signed to Premonition Artists that she finally got her big opportunity to give that show-stopping performance as she blew the heads off everyone still left on the dance floor in a closing set at one of Premonitions parties at PST. The set is still talked about now… and that was it, she had arrived.

Since 2017 there seems to be no end to what she can achieve. Playing for brands such as Twist, Frantic, Xstatic, Vinyl Warriors, Off Your Carrot, Juicy, Korruption, her proudest achievement to date is being initiated as a Warrior Princess with her residency with the Warriors brand which took her to play at the closing party of Xstatic Ibiza in 2019.

The Kat is currently focussing more on the production side of things, since getting her own home studio set up in 2016. By 2019 she had learned a lot but really wanted to push her knowledge further. So she booked several sessions to work with Ben Stevens to fine-tune her work and it wasn’t long before she was producing tracks on her own with confidence. Her whole life she has dreamed of playing sets full of all her own tracks, and with all the hard work over the last few years, she has now reached that point.

The Kat absolutely blew away her audience at her Birthday party in 2019 with the exciting premiere of her first-ever full producers set. The dancefloor was absolutely captivated as she took them on twists and turns with her euphoric yet gritty style. For her, this was it, the ultimate rush that music could provide her, creating her very own handmade journey through the dancefloor whenever she is booked to play an event. She currently has around 45 of her own tracks in her armoury and it’s constantly adding more. Her main goal as a musical performer is to take you on a journey, so if you ever get a chance to see The Kat play then please do not miss out, as she will use her music to make you reach absolute euphoria on the dancefloor every time.


Off Your Carrot 2nd/3rd Birthday

PSYMERA Festival Weekender

Warriors Bank Holiday Blow Out

Storm 20th Birthday/Fright Night